My blog is focused on food recipes and how to make your life more delicious. You can shine like a celebrity and what will make you shine more than not drinking water. Why would infamous Oprah herself host a “water party” where the guests had to drink up? Don’t forget to drink plenty every single day.

  1. The body is made of fluids mostly, you need to replenish it and give yourself that energy. Replenish more if you exercise and are sweating (losing water). 
  2. Replenish your body and you will be rewarded with a glowing look. You will shine like a star!
  3. Sometimes you feel hungry but instead you just feel empty. Drink to not feel empty and lose weight as a result.
  4. If you hydrate mucous membrane, you will improve your immunity. 
  5. Digestion and cleanse yourself.
  6. You can fight your fatigue, improve focus and mood if you drink more water.

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