Toscana is one of the new movie releases on Netflix. What better movie to watch for a chef or simply a foodie?

Beautifully made and great to watch as you sip wine from your glass. The key character Theo owns a restaurant in Denmark but does not seem to live a happy life. His mother says he is driven not by love but by his ambitions only. Theo has a Michelin star but the restaurant does not have a great team environment. He does not allow his employees to express themselves and experiment while cooking. It’s all just about Theo and his desire of perfection. The perfect order in the plate. But what is food without love?
His father dies and leaves him a castle restaurant in Toscana. Is there a more beautiful place on Earth? But Theo wants only to sell the castle to fund his restaurant in Denmark because his father did not express any affection towards his son.

Everything changes when he gets to know his childhood friend from the castle – Sofia, and starts observing the beauty of Toscana sunsets, tasting unique products, and experimenting with Italian cuisine – full of love. There are more details about the plot of the movie but let’s keep the secret. You can discover it when you watch a movie.

Let’s focus on the key recipe. It’s the infamous Italian risotto. Theo finds the recipe in the book of his father. He is changing the classical Italian recipe with white wine and ads red wine instead. Sofia, an Italian, tells him – there is no measure if you add wine with love. As an author of this blog and a true foodie, I tend to agree about love with Sofia. But remember that mushrooms shall be combined with soft wines, usually white or rosé. It could be paired with red in some exceptional cases when softness is maintained. As a rule of thumb, strong, sour and bitter wines are not a great match.

We found the following ingredients of Risotto, written in Danish in Theo’s father’s notebook:

clove of garlic
sage leaves
vegetable background
white wine
grated Parmesan cheese
olive oil
salt hairs

We avoid putting quantities until I cook it myself and make recommendations accordingly.

Stay tuned, a complete recipe review of Theo’s risotto is coming on 🙂

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  1. I haven`t seen the movie, but I love your recipe! Thanks!

  2. beautiful recipe – this classic pasta recipe is a time saver! now i can watch all my shows

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