Do you fancy having an amazing brunch from Instagram food influencers?

Here is our selection of a few food influencers that have a great number of engaging and funny to watch stories and posts with recipes:

@chefadrianne – Chef Aftianne is a great innovator. Wahoo, Cucumber, Chili Crunch and Avocado brunch. Filet Mignon or chargrilled octopus ideas along with wine pairings. Take the pick. They call themselves “a scratch kitchen”, not experimentation beginner.

@dianemorrisey – Diane is a super woman. She is a mom of 6 kids! She thinks that cooking is 95% confidence and 5% reading a recipe. I agree with this 100%. It’s all about your confidence. The super woman has some magic food tricks for you. For example, she suggests how to reuse leftover quinoa from your dinner, adding sautéed mushrooms, broccolini and eggs. What a great brunch idea and there are many more!

@vegetarianventures is a food photographer and yeah, surely her food photos look very very good! Vegetarian Ventures has lots of great holiday recipes. But who said holiday recipes cannot be reused for a Sunday brunch with friends? Be it Risotto-Style Couscous with Peas and Radicchio or Sweet Potato Apple Soup. Here is a link to the blog of Vegetarian Ventures.

@chefsteps Go original and try a duck egg recipe instead of going with usual chicken one. Charred lettuces or a veg-friendly grilled sandwich. I do not know about you but I like this originality. Here is the link to Chef Steps blog.

@halfbakedharvest is another great source of very original recipes. Cheese Rangoons with Sweet Ginger Chili Sauce. Grilled Chicken and Avocado Sandwich but what makes a difference is a good amount of Tahini Ranch. Or how about Fried Feta Rolls? Check out the recipes here.

@ladanicastror – brunch recipes and stories are in Spanish but well worth translation into English if you do not speak/read Spanish. You will be rewarded with broccoli and spinach recipes ideas and some amazing sweets like macarons to top off.

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  1. Oh, I love to follow all connected to food. Thank you for this great list!

  2. Great post with some links to check out for inspiration.

  3. great round up of recipes. looking forward to more helpful tips

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