Shine Up Like a Start! Hollywood diet can be and is accessible to everyone. Here are some healthy habits from the top celebrities of the world 🙂 We are also including their Instagram links so that you can Follow them and stop on top of Celebrity healthy diet news 🙂

DETOX and TRY GOING VEGAN sometimes…

Gwyneth Paltrow, a famous American model is highly recommending a detox program described by Alejandro Junger (dralejandrojunger on Instagram) his book called “Clean” describing a detox program for only 1 week! Follow Gwyneth on Instragram: gwynethpaltrow.

Courtney Cox is making some healthy celery juices and tries some vegan recipes as well. Follow Courtney on Instagram: @courteneycoxofficial.

Karlie Kloss, a famous Adidas model seems to pick vegan recipes as well. Follow Karlie on Instagram @karliekloss.

Reese Witherspoon (reesewitherspoon) is preparing green smoothies and slow-cooker lentil soup.

But while you are Detoxing and eating healthy,don’t forget to…


Beloved Cameron Diaz has lots of Cooking Stories. For example – some veggie rolls published recently. But as a step number 2 in the cooking process she suggested to pause and to pour yourself a glass of cold wine. Here is a link to Cameron’s Instagram: Cameron Diaz (@camerondiaz) • Instagram photos and videos

Gigi Hadid, an American model, is making home sweets. Yummy, what a treat! It is a great way to avoid articial cheap sweeteners sold in the stores. Follow Gigi and try making pies and sweets on a weekend in your own kitchen. What can be cosier than your own apple pie in front of your fireplace? Follow Gigi on Instagram: gigihadid.

Freddie Prinze, an American standup comedian. Freddie is infamous for his steaks and who said healthy eating shall not include steaks? Follow him on Instagram: realfreddieprinze.

Find some cool Healthy and Easy recipes ideas on

Enjoy a bit of celebrity life and do not forget to shine like a star you are!

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