I am a Ukrainian who loves to try Italian and international recipes.
I love to share ideas for green sustainable cooking and healthy lifestyle.

Am I a professional cook? Well, no! Am I a good cook! Yes, I am 😉

If you ask me “How do I get my meals to be delicious?”, I will respond – it is not just about results. Cooking for me is a process! It is an art process! I enjoy every single minute of the cooking and pre-cooking process. Going to a grocery shop for me is an adventure and gives me satisfaction. Picking the right, fresh, and locally grown tomatoes, dill, or parsley – what can be better? I enjoy making simple meals as I am a very busy person professionally. I try to eat healthy to have energy and inspiration for my day.

Healthy lifestyle and green sustainable kitchen for me are a must.

I love reading and getting inspired by recipes on social media and sharing my own on Instagram and Facebook.

If you wish to collaborate with me, please send me a message on Instagram. I will get back to you asap 🙂