Another Netflix movie for fodies. My ranking is 3/5 stars.

Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Daniel Brühl – wow what a cast for the movie. Expectations are certainly set very high. This movie has been bitterly criticized by Guardian saying the talent of the actors was “wasted”.

Indeed, the movie is full of cliché: all Paris education for chefs, difficult past of the main character – young talented chef Adam Jones, love story at work…. Yet, I found the movie pleasant to watch and certainly better and more interesting than many others. Or is it because I like love stories so much?

I can not offer any commentary on Adam Jones’ recipes and cooking skills as they were not discussed in detail. I know only he values fresh food and buy fish on the fish market in the morning. He is presenting only perfect dishes and he throws the rest of them away. Throughout the movie, he learnt to delegate to his team and not micromanage.

Watch it and leave your comments about the movie on this blog.

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