Burger! Who does not want a great burger? Maybe it’s Friday night or just another lunch during the week. Burger is always a great choice. But how to select the right one to not disappoint yourself?

Here is our selection of the UK burger bloggers that can help you with choices:

  1. Burger Lad is a blog where you can find reviews of burgers in London, Manchester, and other cities. 4 great bloggers are providing information even about fast food chains’ burgers and it can be very useful if you are a tourist coming to navigate London for the first time.
  2. Hand Luggage Only is a blog about traveling but the author provides reviews of amazing burger spots in London so that you can really feel at home. If you like buying burgers on the market – then check this review to find where. You like to eat in the restaurant – check this blog and feel like a real Londoner.
  3. Stag Web the Antler is another traveling blog that did a great job on selecting 30! different locations so most likely you will find something in your area. The list includes places serving colorful buns and towering burger layers. And what can be better than a burger? That’s right burger that is 2 times bigger! 🙂 Want to be original – follow the map of this blogger.
  4. James vs. Burger going local in the UK and heading to Glasgow? Here is your absolute guide! Let me know if you liked it!

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